Law Firm Ohlig

The objective of the lawyer's activity depends on the case constellation and the individual interests. If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Our services at a glance:

Initial consultation

  • Initial assessment of the legal situation or the chances of success of an approach
  • Identifying the opportunities and risks of a project
  • Indication of positive or negative consequences and alternative handling possibilities

Counseling, legal attendance of commercial or private projects

  • Detailed legal advice on business or private projects
  • Preventive legal advice for avoiding conflicts or risks
  • Legal advice after a dispute has arisen for deciding on the further approach
  • Legal support for business processes or investments
  • Advise for optimizing or legally assuring projects and cooperations
  • Due Diligence und Compliance reviews
  • Review of internet presense, startup consultancy

Extrajudicial and judicial representation, debt collection

  • Taking over the correspondence
  • Representation towards negotiating and contracting partners or customers 
  • De-escalation of a conflict by negotiating an amicable settlement
  • Representation towards the counterparty, authorities, other third parties or courts 
  • Assertion of or defense against claims
  • Representation at all German local, regional and higher regional courts
  • Incoming payment control and dunning (encashment)

Drafting and review of contracts, preparation of legal texts

  • Clear contract design, avoiding divergences and regulatory gaps
  • Contract revision, contract amendment, contract negotiation
  • Contracts and Terms and Conditions for online and offline use
  • Creation of legal texts for websites

Compulsory execution

  • Enforcement of execution proceedings on titled claims
  • Commissioning of a bailiff, seizure of bank account, foreclosure
  • Correspondence with courts or bailiffsforeclosure
  • Payment control, agreement and monitoring of installments

Legal opinions

  • Legal opinion on a question or topic in dispute
  • Written opinion or brief assessment of a legal problem
  • Legal expertise as basis for negotiations or for deciding on the further procedure

Lawyer's activity in German, English and French

  • Legal support of foreign-language investors regarding business in Germany
  • Correspondence with business or contract partners in Germany and abroad
  • Review or amendment of foreign language contracts (under German law)

Professional trainings

  • Training of small groups on legal topics
  • Offer of legal seminars for jurists and non-jurists


  Examples for performance packages:

The services can be composed according to your needs.

Interested in real estate? Complete package for the real estate economy:

Due Diligence review of object documentation and purchase contract, attendance at the notary's, check or drafting of rental contracts, advance-check of permitted usage, review of questions as to condominium matters, cancellations, estate agents' law, operating cost accountings etc.

Startup in Berlin? Complete package for businesses and freelancers:

Legal startup consultancy, preparation of company's contract, check rental contract, advise on requirements based on commercial law, application business license, registration of commerces, drafting of GTC and contracts with clients and suppliers, IT contracts, review webshop etc.

Tour operator or travel agency? Complete package for the tourism industry:

Drafting of contracts and travel conditions, check website, debt collection, treatment of complaints as to deficiencies of a journey, communication with service providers based abroad etc.

You have a personal legal concern? Individual advise and repraentation:

Also as private individual, you are very welcome in our firm!


Lawyer's fees:

Transparent costs create trust.

Billing is based on the Law on lawyers' remuneration (RVG, Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz) or on a prior remuneration agreement concluded with the client.

→ For consultancy and for drafting of contracts or the preparation of expert opinions or legal texts, we regularly conclude a remuneration agreement. Depending on the task, either an hourly rate, a lump-sum remuneration or billing based on a certain value in litigation according to RVG is possible.

For companies, we offer on request permanent consulting contracts, so that we are at your disposition for a monthly lump-sum or a fixed hourly rate for all legal questions.

For extrajudicial and judicial representation and for compulsory enforcement, the RVG lays down legal fees depending on the value in litigation. For extrajudicial activities, deviating agreements are possible.

In case of low incomes and assets, legal aid can be requested for extrajudicial and judicial representation.