Law Firm Ohlig
Fields of law

The law firm is focussed on civil and economic law, with emphasis on the sectors of real estate, rentals, information technologies, commerce, construction, handcraft, gastronomy and tourism. We provide provide legal support to both companies and individuals.


Real Estate Law & Condominium Law & Estate Agents' Law 

(for owners, purchasers, building managers, owners' associations, estate agents)

  • Due Diligence review real estate transactions
  • Examination of legal situation and object documentation before buying/selling a property
  • Review of apartment purchase contract, land purchase contract,  building development contract
  • Legal advice on German real estate law, attendance or representation in notary's appointments
  • Representation in case of conflicts based on the purchase contract 
  • Representation of building and rental management companies
  • Condominium law for owners' associations, building managers and owners
  • Preparation of owner's meetings, drafting of resolutions
  • Appeal against resolutions, review yearly accounting and economic plan
  • Collection of arrears of housing charges
  • Advise and representation as to estate agent's contract, commission and agents' remuneration
  • Construction law, law on contracts for work and services
  • Compulsory auction

Rental Law, Lease Law, Law on Garden Plots

(for landlords, tenants, lessors, lessees, building managers)

  • Residential rental, commercial rental, business rental, leases
  • Rental contracts for residential and commercial premises, lease contracts
  • Declaration or defense against cancellations
  • Self-use, tenancy dissolution contract
  • Legal advice on German rental law
  • Resolution of conflicts between landlord and tenant, claims based on the lease
  • Action of payment and eviction
  • Operating cost accounting for housing or commercial purposes
  • Rent increase (modernization, comparative rent), cosmetic repairs, height of rent restrictions
  • Wrongful usage purpose, temporary lease, holiday flat, secondary residence
  • Law on garden and lease plots, legal situation for former GDR grounds

IT Law, Internet Law

(for IT provider, website operators, online and offline businesses, consumers)

  • Legally correct design of internet presences, review of websites and onlineshops
  • Legal requirements in e-commerce, business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C)
  • General Terms and Conditions (GTC), imprint, information about right of revocation
  • Review and drafting of IT contracts (e.g. provider contract, license agreement, hosting contract)
  • Representation in conflicts concerning IT services
  • Domain disputes, online rights
  • Copyright and competition law in information technology law
  • Advice on liability of website operators, online platforms, internet forums, blog sites
  • Online contracts, settlement of online transactions, distance selling right
  • Defending against or enforcing warnings

Contract Law, Law on General Terms and Conditions

(for commercial and private contractors)

  • Contract drafting, contract review, contract revision, contract amendment
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contracts in English or French
  • Review and drafting of General Terms and Conditions (GTC) online/offline
  • Disputes on contracts, assertion of or defense against contractual claims
  • Processing, rescission and termination of contracts
  • Assertion of invoice claims
  • Debt collection, encashment, dunning


Travel Law, Flight Passengers' Law, Tourism Law

(for travel operators, travel agencies, service provider, tourists, travellers, passengers)

  • Travel conditions or General Terms and Conditions (GTC) online/offline
  • Travel contract law, travel contract, Review of bookings and travel confirmation
  • Collection of claims for travel price, advise on warranty for travel deficiencies
  • Assertion or defense against rights for deficiencies of a voyage
  • Geltendmachung oder Abwehr von Rechten wegen Reisemängeln
  • Reduction of travel price, compensation for loss of vacation
  • Claims for baggage loss, baggage delays at a flight journey
  • Rights in case of flight cancellation, flight delay, overbooking
  • European and International Passenger Law, Air Passenger Rights Regulation, Montreal Convention

    Business Law, Commercial Law, Startup Consultancy

    (for founders, businessmen, freelancers)

  • Advice on legal requirements for company foundations
  • Drafting of company agreements, coordination of contact with notaries
  • Advice on business registration and business license (e.g., estate agents' permit, restaurant permit)
  • Legal attendance for application procedures
  • Initial preparation of contracts required for the business
  • Creation of other legal texts for online and offline use
  • Legal website check
  • Advice for foreign or foreign-language founders